Amicale Citroen International Affiliation

The Citroen Car Club is proud to be a member of 'Amicale Citroen International'. Image Amicale Citroen International, better known as the Amicale or ACI, are an international umbrella organisation of Citroen enthusiast clubs, worldwide.

As well as helping us to liase with and talk to other Citroen clubs, they act as the main interface between Citroen enthusiasts and Citroen themselves. Every four years, the ACI are responsible for the International Citroen Car Clubs Rally - the ICCCR.

The 15th ICCCR, in 2012, will be held in the UK, and organised as a joint effort between the CCC, 2cvgb and the Traction Owners Club.

For the years when there's no ICCCR, the ACI decide on one Citroen event to be nominated as the "Event of the Year". Far more than just a label to say "This is the event to go to...", the ACI's nominated event is the one event in any year which will receive official recognition and sponsorship from Citroen.

Every participating country nominates two individuals as delegates to the ACI. For the UK, one rep is Bernie Shaw. The second position is currently vacant, following the resignation of Barry Annells to concentrate on the 2012 ICCCR - but a new rep is to be announced shortly.

For more information on the ACI, please visit their website.

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