Using this website

Welcome to the Citroen Car Club!

You can use this site in three ways :-

Reading the site

If you just want to read the information on the site, that's fine - just follow the links on the menus at the top and down the left, and enjoy!

Taking part

If you'd like to participate in the site, please feel free to create a user account. Simply click on the "Create Account" link under the login boxes, and fill in your details. You'll receive an email by reply - if you don't, check that it's not fallen foul of a spam filter. Then click the link in it, and you'll have access to some more of the site's features.

Club Member?

If you're a member of the CCC (you've paid your membership and receive the Citroenian through the post every month), then tell us, so we can link your username here to your membership. Just click on the "Club Member?" link that you'll see in the top menu once you've created a user and logged in, and we'll do the rest.

Did you use the old website?

If you used the old version of the club website, and had a user account, then it's been moved over. Just log in using the same username and password as before.

Can't remember your login?

No problem - just click on "Request New Password", just beneath the login boxes, tell us your email address or username if you know it, and you'll get an email that'll take you through the steps of regaining access.

If you've got any problems, either click the "Contact" link in the top menu, or drop an email to

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