Salbris 2011

Photos at the 19th 2CV world meeting.

DS saloon and Safari

Here are my two DS, an 1970 DS21 Safari and a 1973 DS23 Pallas. Both have 5 speed manual box, the saloon is fuel injected and the Safari has carb and LPG.

CCC National Rally 2011

Spotted in France

Over the last few years of holidays in France we've always kept an eye out for D's, Ami's, Mehari's, CX's, 2CVs & Tractions... those I was able to photograph are attached (by the way, lots of Mehari's on the Ile-de-Re... many for sale).

DSM 2011

DSM 2011

2011 DSM Rally - One big pic file is better than lots of little ones

Here are some pics that I took on the Saturday - feel free to add your own!

Citromobile 2011

I decided on the day before, at 4.30 PM, to go to Citromobile, in Haarlememeer in Holland the next day - After using the tunnel, and driving through Rotterdam, I was there by 1 pm! - That's what a fast Citroen can do for you!





Series 1 Reflex 2500D

Northern Rally 2011

TontonJon's Photos

A collection of snaps from my experiences and my projects as I (try to) restore my DSuper to a reasonably good, if not original, standard.

odds and ends

Beaulieu Spring Autojumble 14/5/2011

We took the DS down to Beaulieu as guests of Classic Monthly magazine. A fantastic day out and free too!

We had an early start to be at Beaulieu for 8.30am, but it was a lovely drive down from Andover. The weather forecast was heavy showers, but it was wonderfully sunny all day - Having polished the D furiously for the past few evenings, in the sunshine, the D looks great. It certainly attracted lots of attention from the many visitors.

C4 JTK Registration Number FOR SALE

Registration Number  C4 JTK For Sale  - On Retention until 25/07/2011 Assignment Fee Already Paid 

BJJW's D Super 5, still original before rally prepping

My Xsara Picasso 2.0 HDi

I know that some people don't love these Citroens in the way I do but it really has become part of the family. The children adore it as they can see the farm animals over hedges with the high seating position, My wife adores the storage everywhere, she can fill it with rubbish without me getting annoyed about the mess. I love the comfortable ride, the smooth performance and 45 to 50 mpg. I can't think of a better combination. And above all it's a Citroen!!

Citroens What I Have Seen

A quote from Ernie I think - if I get time I'll have a go at posting what I think are a few interesting photos of Citroens gathered on my travels - meanwhile where better to start than with my own Citroen A142 XJM photographed the other day at Camp Hill House Kirklington North Yorks?

Later - - -

Eh'm I think that forever A142 XJM is confined to being NOT the first photo but actually always the LAST - unless some clever person can tell me how to reverse the order ?

DS Pic For Forum

Pictures uploaded for including in various forum topics.

Will i ever get it back on the road

J-P's sundry pics for the forum

2CV6 Spécial

Various pictures of my 2CV out and about

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