CX S1 T1

BJJW's DS - Champagne to The Alpen Pass Rally


as per title really

1973 Ds 20 Safari unrestored and original............... and for sale!

Here are some photos of my Safari. I am the second owner and it appears completely rust free having been dry stored for many years and recently put back on the road. The number plates are now black and silver, the tow bar removed as have the stickers on the boot (after much debate!) The Corvette is added for fun and sits cosily alongside the Ds in my garage. A pretty couple, shame they cant have kids!

Vince's BX

Have added some photos of my BX

2CV gearstick positions



Pretty & nimble BX GTi

Citroen GS 1978


The fifth gear c6


France 2011

The Flying Cigar Interior

In these shots I have just fed the leather so it appears mat rather than glossy.

The Flying Cigar

Here are some pictures of The flying Cigar. In these shots the interior is not finished. I will add some more soon.

Adventures of a Xsara Picasso

Travels with our Xsara Picasso

Salbris 2011

Photos at the 19th 2CV world meeting.

DS saloon and Safari

Here are my two DS, an 1970 DS21 Safari and a 1973 DS23 Pallas. Both have 5 speed manual box, the saloon is fuel injected and the Safari has carb and LPG.

CCC National Rally 2011

Spotted in France

Over the last few years of holidays in France we've always kept an eye out for D's, Ami's, Mehari's, CX's, 2CVs & Tractions... those I was able to photograph are attached (by the way, lots of Mehari's on the Ile-de-Re... many for sale).

DSM 2011

DSM 2011

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