Sunshine Yellow Citroen C2 For Sale

Andrew's C4

Boot lid logo

2cv manual

DS seat belt mounting points

2CV Mug shot Identification parade

Can you help me correctly identify this wee gem?


DS Rear Axles

Rear Axles of My DS21

Citroen GS Club C-matic 1979 Very Low Milage

DS20 with Viking Fibreline Caravan

This is our 1969 DS20 towing our recently renovated late 60's/early 70's Viking Fibreline Caravan on a visit to Sandringham Caravan Park at Easter. The caravan is quite light and the DS20 had no problem towing it, in fact it was a pleasure to cruise along the North Norfolk roads putting smiles on peoples' faces!

Source of DS hydraulic leak

These are some pictures that Dale at the garage took of where they think the leak is.

He says "The item is located on the side of the gear box just above a accumulator."

I tried adding these images to the thread in the DS forum but failed!


Any help will be appreciated.


Traction photos

a random selection of photos of complete cars or just bits of them

FB's DS4 and Pablo

CCC Eastern Promise

Photos of Eastern Region events...

ProjectPallas Plus

Photos of the GSA PALLAS PLUS cars

Fearghal's Forum Photos

Fearghal's photos for forum reference.


DS23 efi, 1973 reg. CCA 140M

DS 23efi

DS23 efi, 1973 reg. CCA 140M

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