A tour inside my 1979 cx prestige,before restoration.How exciting is that.

Touring aimlessly with a Nikon D50,admiring aspects of design and citroenship.taken on 5th day of the first month of the year 2007.

A few more from the DS Rally 2005

A dozen years with a 2cv

A Brilliant Day at Sluff

80 GS Super 1.3

Nebo's GS Super 1.3 in Belgrade, Serbia

73 GS 1220 Club

Nebo's GS in Toronto

2CV World Meeting Kelso

2cv World Meeting 2005

Some photos from this unique event

Paul at the Office

Currently in the fleet a GS and a 2CV

2004 ICCCR in Interlaken, Switzerland

Here is a ragbag of Citroens seen at the ICCCR. If I had a favourite, it would have to be the SM and her friend. Aren´t they a fine match?

200,000 miles (AJN 37K: 1971 D-Super)

The moment the odometer clicked over...

1974 RHD 2cv6 Club

Recently rescued after 10 years standing in Northampton, a very early rhd 2cv

1974 D Super 5

These pictures relate to the item on the DS forum page.

D Meeting South Woodham Ferrers 07

Neil O'Shea's D meet in Essex Pictures by Andy Morgan

1966 DS Pallas

My DS in the Suffolk countryside

1960 Slough ID bits

pages from the manual for some of the bits I'm after

'06 Citroen events

A selection of photos from this year

"Field of Dreams"

About 60 H vans spotted at an H Van specialist in southern France February 2008


Representing the opposite ends of the range...

In the blue corner, a 1982 Dyane owned for 14 years and counting, rebuilt twice and a definite keeper. In the slightly darker blue corner, a 1990 S1 XM auto saved from the crusher and working just fine thanks.

The XM still polishes up well but the Dyane deserves some paint after 22 years. Maybe this winter...

"Back to the Future"

DS ID club Netherlands 25 year anniversary event, celebrating the unusual derivations of the DS. Event took place at Archeon theme park at Alphen on the Rhine.

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