Trev's Pics

A collection of my citro-pics

My stable

2016 D Rally

A few photos from Saturday at The 2016 D Rally

CCC NW meeting 01-06-16

DS 20 Pallas bvh

DS floor

D rally Plaques

 C C C CLUB  Rally Plaques  12th annual  D SECTION  RALLY  13th--15th  JUNE  2003

  14th  D--RALLY24th /26th JUNE  2005 Also the booklet folder that goes with it.

The open road

Rare Genuine Citroen Metal sign for sale! Listed in miscellaneous

DS - Tool for parking brake springs

A cheap and practical tool for compressing those troublesome parking brake springs.

Hopefully removing the springs is something you won't have to do too often, so you don't want to spend a lot of money on a spring compressor you will rarely use. There are various solutions for re-compressing the springs for assembly: some people try to use mole grips, others try to wire them up. Both of these will probably work but are time-consuming and prone to failure and accidents. This tool should stop a lot of the cursing and swearing.

Osella's >> gallery

DS23 Safari VBP 174N

Classic Car Show, NEC, November 2015

Yarmouth to Barmouth, DS/ID 60th Anniversary

DS Fuel Inlet pipe fix

Citroen Pics

Some pictures I wanted to share

Yarmouth to Barmouth 60th Anniversary Road Run

Yarmouth to Barmouth

Celebrating 60 years since the launch of the first Citroen D model.

Citron XM 2.0si 1993.

For sale. Citroen XM 2.0si petrol. Blue. 5 speed manual g/box. (Non turbo, non Air con). recent maintenance includes new rear tyres, new clutch and clutch cable, new upper speedometer cable, new n/s drive shaft and track rod end, new radio, new exhaust (3 rear parts), new ignition module and plug leads. M.O.T. until Sep 2016. Non smokers car Huntingdon area, 1 owner from new. £995.

Tel 0148070095 (Huntingdon area)

67 DS Pallas

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