My Pluriel C3 called Beanie

1600 sensodrive with a funky attitude that makes me go all fuzzy inside and its has a lovely gear stick. Its an automatic or a manual with a clutch change, but I only use it in automatic MPG im quids in.

CX seen in Stuttgart in May 2010

Chris Reynolds' 1972 DMongrel

1975 CX 2000 Non DIRAVI

Photos of my 1975 CX 2000 and it's ongoing restoration.

My 2CV Pickup

During 1996 I built this pickup using a new galvanised chassis and an 8x4 sheet of marine ply.

It's not all cream and cider in Devon!

Repainted XM

Clive Westerman


My 25 year dream realised

My 1972 right hand drive Citroen DS21 EFI Pallas with a hydraulic gearchange. Costing me a fortune already... I really have to learn how to work on it myself!

C4 VTS 180 Adventures in 2009 / 2010

JonM's Citroen C4 VTS+ By Loeb [0257]

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'Loeb's' Cars!

'Chris Martins cars


"Altered Images"

XM Exclusive Feb 2010 FREE to a good home

Dyane Yellow Chippenham

Citroen GSA Pallas SE

Most panels have been replaced with the exception of the tailgate the roof and a wing... I think. The inside has been stone chipped and painted so it's just the final coat on the outside to do, and yes, it's going black. I know it's not original but it was the other colour option on the Pallas SE in 1986 and apart from being a smarter colour I think it will show up the chrome work much better.
With two of the seats re-upholstered and tyres on order it won't be more than a couple of months and she'll be ready for the summer!

lejog 2010

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